Detroit Hoodrats

My Definition of a Hoodrat:


slang , derogatory  ( US ) a promiscuous woman OR MAN from an impoverished urban area; striving to get out of the ghetto and move to Atlanta, GA to somehow make it in life by living off of Government Assistance programs. Read the rest of this entry


Hoodrat Barbies: Hoodrat Doesn’t Know She’s A Hoodrat

A Very Clueless Hoodrat. (You ARE a ghetto hoodrat TOO)

Pretty Hoodrats: Head To Stomach Trainwreck

Look, if this is YOUR Facebook friend that was in my “You May Know” window, don’t get mad at me for putting her on Defensive Hoodrats. Get mad at yourself for not telling her to crop her after birth belly out.

Fly To Just Straight Busted (Head to Stomach View)

Male Hoodrats: Can Somebody Please Tell Me What GED are?

In case you can”t make out the words of this embarrassing “set back for blacks” tattoo, it reads: GETTING EVERY G.E.D. DOLLAR!

Defensive Hoodrats Sherina Victoria

Hoodrats Getting Money

Hoodrat Homos: The Sears Photoshoot Edition

Please don’t get offended; I love the gays… just not the hoodrat gays.  “Hoodrat Homos” was the first thing that popped up in my head when I saw this hooded “miva” (man diva).  Now I have to make it a catagory because I can’t stop laughing.

Hoodrat Homo #1

Hoodrat Homo #1 (Click the picture, if this hurt your feelings)